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C2Cxchange Retail Portal

A Fast, Accurate and Secure Solution

The C2Cxchange retail portal is a powerful solution for letting customers exchange gift cards at your retail locations. Customers exchanging gift cards will spend more time in the store, and C2Cxchange makes it easy to provide them with an offer in minutes.

Satisfied Customers Drive Sales

Make it easy to pay, and you’ll find customers spend more. When you let them exchange gift cards at your stores, you’re providing them an alternate form of payment and making it easy for them to spend at your store and not somewhere else. Customers get to use the redeemable value at your store, and you get a customer ready to spend and shop. Every time customers come with their gift cards—they’ll spend more. Studies show that 72 percent of customers spend more than the gift card value. You’re not only getting sales from the exchange, but you’re going to see customers spend more than what’s on the offer.

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